Making Payment on a Student Account

The University of Michigan accepts payments on student charges in the form of cash, check, or epayment. The U of M does not accept credit cards. Payments are accepted through the following methods:


EPayments may be made on-line from a personal savings or checking account drawn on a US bank. EPayments can not be made from accounts drawn on a bank or financial institution outside of the US. You may make an on-line/EPayment through Wolverine Access. To make an on-line/EPayment you will need your bank routing number and account number. ePayments are posted in real time. As soon as the ePayment process has completed and a confirmation number has been received by the payer, the ePayment is posted to the student account. (However, please note that in the case of system outages ePayments will be posted in a batch update process by the evening of the next business day.) Also, if there is a financial hold, the hold will be released once the process completes provided the payment satisfies the amount of the hold.

Please note: On-line/ePayments MAY NOT be made using credit card checks, from a home equity line of credit account, investment account, or a money market account.

An on-line/EPayment may also be made by selecting the link below:

Other Payment Options

The University of Michigan also accepts payments via mail and in person at Student Financial Services/Teller Services.

International Payments

The University of Michigan accepts payment for international students through international wire transfer.  U-M has partnered with Flywire (formerly peerTransfer) in order to streamline this process.


  • All payments must be submitted in United States dollars.