Risk Management Services

About Risk Management Services

Risk Management Services assists the operating units and staff of the university to protect against or mitigate losses to the people, facilities, and other assets of the campus community. Risk Management's functions include:

  • The identification and analysis of risk or assessment of loss potential
  • Elimination or minimization of risk
  • Implementation of loss funding/risk financing/insurance programs
  • Claims control and litigation management

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Risk Mangement Services

Phone: (734) 764-2200
Fax: (734) 763-2043
Email: RiskMgmt.General@umich.edu

Work Connections Employee-Centered Illness & Injury Program

Phone: (734) 615-0643
Toll Free: (877) 869-5266
Fax: (734) 936-1913
Email: Work.Connections@umich.edu
Website: http://workconnections.umich.edu

Children on Campus

Phone: (734) 764-2200
Toll Free: (877) 869-5266
Fax: (734) 763-2043
Email: RiskMgmt.General@umich.edu
Website: http://childrenoncampus.umich.edu

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  • You will receive an e-mail confirmation with your event number and a copy of the claim document for better tracking.
  • Simple, easy-to-use web form for quick, online reporting of all claim types.
  • The ability to upload supporting claim documentation when submitting a claim.
  • Please use Internet Explorer to access the form.

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Alcohol and Liquor Liability Driver's Report of Vehicle Damage or Public Incident
Verification of Insurance Coverage of Non-University Driver Verification of Insurance Coverage for Non-University Driver
Proof of Loss Proof of Loss
Injury Report for Non-Employees Injury Report for Non-Employees
Report of Loss IT Security Incident Report of Loss IT Security Incident

Mission statement

The mission of Risk Management is to minimize the adverse effects of loss due to accidents or other unforeseen events which may be inflicted upon the physical and human assets of the University of Michigan.

Commitment to service

Risk Management strives to provide financial protection and support services to all departments, faculty, staff, students, patients and visitors. The success of the department in fulfilling its responsibilities requires close coordination with, and cooperation from, the total university community for identification of potential risks and prompt notification of claims for losses sustained.

Coverage Topics

Coverages described in this website do not extend to personal property or activities not associated with University of Michigan business.

Educators Legal Liability Insurance Coverage-Errors and Omissions Errors and Omissions
Alcohol and Liquor Liability Alcohol and Liquor
Automobile Insurance Coverage Automobiles
Contractual Liability Coverage Contracts
Cyber Risk Insurance Coverage Cyber Risk
Fine Arts Insurance Coverage Fine Arts
General Liability Insurance Coverage General Liability
Medical Professionals
Pollution Liability Insurance Coverage Pollution
Owned/Leased U-M Property Insurance Coverage Property and Theft
Product Liability Insurance Coverage Products
Special Events Insurance Coverage Special Events
Sports Accidents Insurance Coverage Sports Accidents
Workers Comp and Disability Management Workers' Comp and Disability Management