Student Loan Collection Services

The Student Loan Collection Services section of the Financial Operations website provides information and resources for U-M managed student loan billing, payment, and deferment processes. There are many resources available throughout this site to assist the University's borrowers with managing and understanding their student loan and their rights and responsibilities.

Updating Borrower Contact Information

To update your contact information call our office at, (800) 456-0706 or (734) 764-9281. Changes can also be made online at our billing service's (Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI) website To access your Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI account online you will need our school code S5 and your PIN# that appears on the Heartland Campus Solutions/ECSI statement. Please note that Wolverine Access does not update a borrower's contact information with the Student Loan Collections office.

Do you have questions about taking your Perkins exit interview?

Do you have questions about taking your Perkins exit interview?

Exit interviews provide a complete explanation of repayment, deferment and cancellation privileges and answers specific questions about your loan.  It is a requirement for all students who have a Perkins, Nursing or Health Professions loan to complete an exit interview for each loan when they graduate, withdraw, or drop below half-time attendance.  Failure to complete the exit interview will result in an “exit hold” being placed on your record.   Heartland Campus Solutions ECSI (ECSI) is the University of Michigan’s Billing Service for the Student Loan Collection Office, and you take the exit interview on their website. 

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