How to Complete the Required Request Form

(Tab 1)

How to Complete the Required Request Form

Request Basic Information (Top Right Corner of form)

  • Enter the rate submission date
  • Check box for either First Time Rate (new rates) or Updated Rate (existing rates)
  • Enter Financial Analysis assigned Recharge ID for existing rates

Description of Goods or Services Provided

  • Provide a description of the recharge services provided

Major Recharge Service Customers

  • Check the appropriate box to indicate customers to be billed, i.e. internal, external, or both
  • Units servicing external customers will need to contact:
    • Office of Research and Sponsored Projects (ORSP) to set external billing processes
    • Tax Department to determine if there is an unrelated business income tax impact

Chartfield Combination Identifying where Costs are Incurred

  • Identify the chartfield used to track your recharge activities in the general ledger
    • Must be on auxiliary internal services fund = 52000
  • For new recharges, identify the department and fund

Chartfield combination for Unreimbursable Costs or Overdraft Funding

  • Identify the chartfield that will be used to cover recharge chartfield overdrafts
    • Should come from the designated fund = 40000
    • Medical School units may use 40000, 54000, or 54010
  • Cannot use the same chartfield where ongoing activity is recorded

Signature and Statement of Responsibility

  • Read the statement of responsibility
  • Review the rate compliance checklist (Tab 2 within the Recharge Rate Request template). Check box to signify agreement with checklist items.
  • Print the name and title of the following and obtain signatures where indicated:
    • Department Head or Director
    • Individual Responsible for the Financial Management of the Service (include email and phone number)
  • Signatures are required for approval

Additional Contact

  • Indicate additional staff Financial Analysis should contact with questions regarding the recharge rate submission

Email this completed and signed Required Request form (tab 1) and all other forms that apply (tabs 3-5) to:
It is not necessary to return the compliance checklist (tab 2), however, acknowlegement is required on the Required Request form (tab 1).