New Ann Arbor Campus Freshmen/Transfers Online Student Photo Submission

This photo submission process is only for new 2019 freshmen, transfers & undergraduate international students

New Ann Arbor Campus Freshmen/Transfers Online Student Photo Submission

                                                                           Click here if you are a new graduate student.



  • Have you been issued a previous Mcard? See this link before submitting a photo!
  • Website maintenance could cause an outage during Midnight - 4 AM EST
  • Freshmen in the School of Nursing are not to submit a photo. (They will receive an Mcard at the hospital after orientation.)


Photo Submission Deadlines:

  • May Transfers - To be determined
  • Summer Orientation
    • June orientations - To be determined
    • July/August orientations - To be determined
  • Summer Term - To be determined
  • July Transfers - To be determined
  • August Transfers - To be determined
  • Undergraduate International Orientation - To be determined
  • Fall Orientation - To be determined




To have your Mcard preprinted and waiting for you at orientation, use the photo submission link above.

  • Follow these Photo Specifications
  • Please do not bring a photo with you to orientation as Mcards will not be produced onsite.
  • A Government issued photo ID (for example U.S. driver's license, state ID, military ID or passport) is required to pickup Mcard.



Mcard or photo submission questions, contact:

The Mcard Center
734 936-2273
Send us an email


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See the Mcard PNC FAQs with campus map under Resources to the upper right for helpful information.