The Mcard is the University of Michigan's single-card program that combines many features including photo identification, library borrowing privileges, building access, meal plans and Blue Bucks, and ATM/debit card access all on one card. 

All of the university community is required to have a valid Mcard. Over 110,000 student, faculty, staff, retiree and visitor Mcards are active at the Ann Arbor campus. Some areas on campus require that the Mcard be worn. Badge holders can be obtained at the Mcard Center or the Hospital Key & ID Office if the cardholder is associated with the Health System. The Mcard Center also provides incoming freshmen and new transfer students who live in University Housing with a cardholder (while supplies last).

UMID on Mcard

The eight digit UMID number printed on the front of each Mcard is the cardholder's university ID number (e.g., student number, employee number). The UMID number remains with the person as an identifier whether the person is a student or an employee or combination of both.

Mcard benefits

There are added benefits to carrying your Mcard with you such as discounts for students and non-students at many area merchants, companies and organizations. Students, faculty, and staff can ride any AATA fixed bus route by simply showing their valid Mcard. See the Discounts page for further information.

Another great benefit is the ability to obtain financial services with the University Mcard Program partner, TCF® Bank. With your Mcard, you'll be able to receive one of the best deals in town on checking accounts. TCF was Voted Best Bank for numerous years by the Michigan Daily Readers. The Totally Free Mcard Checking account is available to all Mcard holders and is even a better deal than their standard Totally Free Checking account. Check out all of the TCF benefits for Mcard holders.

Dearborn and Flint Mcards

Mcards are also issued at the Dearborn and Flint campuses. In general, cardholders are to obtain their first and replacement Mcards at their respective campuses. Mcards at these campuses may have different services, features, or access than Mcards issued from Ann Arbor campus. The exceptions are when a Flint or Dearborn cardholder also requires 1. after hours or weekend access on general Ann Arbor academic buildings or 2. access to the UM Health System.  In these situations, the person should obtain a card from an Ann Arbor ID Station (or specifically the Key & ID Office for UM Health System access).  The Ann Arbor card will also work for access at Flint/Dearborn campuses.