ID Issuing Stations

ID Issuing Stations

COVID-19 Mcard Production Information

All Ann Arbor campus ID stations are closed until further notice.  Michigan Medicine ID stations remain open specifically for Michigan Medicine individuals.  No campus Mcards are printed at Michigan Medicine ID stations.

Only Individuals who are considered healthy Ann Arbor campus “Critical Employees” by their unit and have a damaged or lost/stolen Mcard may make an appointment for a replacement Mcard.  Students can obtain a temporary Mcard from their residence hall Community Center. Other cardholders will be required to wait until campus ID stations return to normal operating hours. The ID station operations status is found on this web page:

Ann Arbor critical employees requiring an Mcard can send an email to:  (If a person does not have email, please call Dave Doyle 734 330-3469.)  The email should contain the following information:

  • Person’s eight digit UMID number.
  • Indicate issue for Mcard.
  • Reason for critical need.
  • Department authorization may be required in certain circumstances.

A response will confirm email receipt and have further instructions about when and where the Mcard would be ready for pickup at Wolverine Tower.  Do not visit Wolverine Tower until you receive a date/time for Mcard pickup.  Mcards will be produced between Monday - Friday 8 AM - 5 PM.


Michigan Medicine ID Stations below are both open for Michigan Medicine cardholders only.  These ID stations cannot print Mcards for non-Michigan Medicine cardholders.



Cardholders should obtain an Mcard from their respective campuses. Visit GET YOUR MCARD for information on obtaining an Mcard.

Groups of 10 or more requiring Mcards, should contact the ID Station in advance of arrival.

Click on the ID Issuing Station links for regular hours, maps, payment methods accepted.


Ann Arbor Campus

Any cardholder who requires building access to the Michigan Medicine buildings must obtain a Michigan Medicine Mcard even if they have access at another campus.

Area ID Issuing Station Phone Address
Central Campus Mcard Center 734-936-2273 1011 Student Activities Bldg
Rec Sports 734-763-3084 3269 CCRB
Michigan Medicine Key & ID Office 734-763-6376 C158 Med Inn Bldg -
NO Campus Mcards issued here
North Campus Mcard Center 734-763-6294 2202 Pierpont Commons
Athletics Campus Athletics Ticket Office 734-764-0247 1000 S State St
Off Campus Human Resources 734-763-7385 250G Wolverine Tower

North Campus Research Complex ID station 734 764-9004 Room G018, Building 18, NCRC (No campus Mcards issued here)



Dearborn Campus

ID Issuing Station Phone Address
University Center - Information Desk 313-583-6330 1133D University Center


Flint Campus  - These ID stations are closed until further notice.

ID Issuing Station Phone Address
ITS Computing Labs -
Murchie Science Bldg
W. S. White Bldg
206 Murchie Science Bldg
3174 William S. White Bldg
Recreation Center
(Only issues Sponsored User cards)
810-762-3123 Recreation Center