Universal Translation Services - Offering 20% discount

1. Certified translation of your personal documents at only $20 per page (pages under 200 words. If there are more that 200 words per page, we charge $0.12 per word instead) - 20% discount from our normal price of $25 per page.  Code: Translate2018

2. General Translation for documents and websites, from any language into English or from English into any language at $0.10 per word - a 16% discount from our normal price of $0.12 - $0.14 per word.  Code: Translate2020




Universal Translation Services

Universal Translation Services is a leading online translation agency offering high quality services over the internet, but you can also talk to us in person if you come visit our offices. We are one of the world’s top translation companies who offer professional services at affordable prices. Here at UTS, we offer high quality global translation services for personal and business matters. We have searched for only the top linguists and have recruited thousands of expert translators. Our services are available worldwide ensuring no-one is left without quality translation.