Rx Optical: Vision Advantage Program (VAP)

Access to Rx Optical's  Vision Advantage Program (VAP)!  Members receive additional savings with your insurance. Accepts UM Davis Vision.

Rx Optical has 54 locations across Michigan. Visit www.rxoptical.com for all locations.

Nearest Locations:


Ann Arbor West

7 W Eisenhower Pkwy

PH: (734) 213-3529


Ann Arbor East

3275 Washtenaw Ave.

PH: (734) 545-7988



930 E. Michigan Ave

Opening Spring 2019


Rx Optical

For a number of years, we have been building a human-focused Rx Optical community which serves the long term human and practical needs of our fellow associates and our patients, while maintaining and enhancing the foundation of our company. We have accomplished this by continually identifying opportunities and incorporating coaching within the Rx community to create positive outcomes for those we serve.