Nudge Funding - BOX Home Loans: Get money off on closing costs

1. Average $200-$500 off Closing Costs(Purchase or Re-Finance).    Discounts applied to rate quotes when you visit us online at:

Click on the "Get an instant rate quote" button.  Fill out the form (no personal info required). Click on"GetRates"

View the selection of rates and select "See Details" to the right of the rates you like best. The discount amount will be displayed under the Closing Cost breakdown (discount equal to 1/8-point off home loan closing costs, amount varies based on home loan amount)

2. Free CreditReportwith Loan Application - Use promo code: umichl6

Nudge Funding - BOX Home Loans

Based out of Lindon, UT, Nudge aims to provide its clients with single-family, owner-occupied, and investment properties, as well as a variety of top-notch real estate services. From quality real estate investment education, to the purchasing of assets in rising markets across the country, all of us here at Nudge continually seek to bring quality experience, quality help, and quality product to each of our clients. Here at Nudge, if the customer isn’t satisfied, then neither are we. We are a Utah-based company with agents and brokers offering owner-occupied properties right here in our home state, but Nudge does business in several different top-performing markets throughout the country as well, providing investment assets within those markets to everyone we work with.