Power Home Remodeling Group: $1500 off home remodeling project

Power Home Remodeling Group

WE ARE OFTEN ASKED WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE, DIFFERENT, REMARKABLE? After all, we sell windows, siding, doors, roofing and home insulation products similar to many of our national competitors. The answer is simple. It’s an incredible culture of dedicated, passionate, entrepreneurial men and women that feed on the highest level of customer service and satisfaction. This, coupled with the gratification we get from providing homeowners across nine states with the most elite and energy efficient products available, has allowed us to change consumer perception of an industry often stained by unethical business practices.

$1500 off home remodeling project

Receive $1500 off any windows, roofing, or siding project when you mention this offer over the phone.  Please visit www.powerhrg.com to begin!

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