Deposit Bank Conversion

Deposit Bank Conversion

Here are details regarding the cash and check deposits processing change from Bank of America (formerly LaSalle Bank) to Huntington Bank. 


Most locations now have Huntington Bank supplies (deposit ticket and endorsement stamps). 

  • For those who have not exchanged their Bank of America supplies for Huntington Bank supplies, they can make an appointment with to exchange bank supplies at the Treasurer's Office in Wolverine Tower.
  • Have Huntington Bank supplies but also have leftover Bank of America (BOA) deposit tickets?  Please shred the unused BOA deposit tickets.
  • Need additional Huntington Bank endorsement stamps?  Order more on the normal Treasury online depository supply order form.  A shortcode is required.


Conversion Information document -4/6/17 Specifically for on-campus (central, north and Med) locations.  Not intended for "off campus" locations. 

Depository Bank Conversion FAQs -4/3/17

Huntington Bank deposit preparation procedures -4/3/17


Older communications

Bank conversion update - 2/17/17

Initial notification of bank conversion info - 12/13/16