Debt Management


Major responsibilities

  • Monitors the debt structure of the university and financing conditions in the capital markets to identify financing opportunities.
  • Manages maintenance of liquidity required for variable rate debt.
  • Coordinates debt funding of university capital projects, including health system projects.
  • Leads the selection and supervision of investment bankers and trustees/paying agents to support the issuance of debt.
  • Coordinates compliance for all university debt issues.
  • Oversees external relationships with bond counsel, rating agencies, financial providers, and bond investors.
  • Coordinates the issuance of long-term bonds and commercial paper, obtaining credit facilities, payment of debt service for bonds, commercial paper, and swaps, payment of trustee, rating agency, and facility fees, and transaction costs of debt issues.
  • Coordinates the financing of capital projects by the State Building Authority.

Other responsibilities

  • Management of the university risk management reserves.
  • Daily cash management functions of bond issues, risk management reserves, investment fees, and capital calls of alternative investments.
  • Monitoring of securities in technology transfer agreements.

General guidelines for debt financing

Additional Resources