Tech Tools at U-M

Update—July 2014: Please continue to use the current verification system to verify usage of tech tools. While the verification period has moved from January to June, our enhancements to the current system are continuing. Once those are finalized, the new online verification system will be available. In the interim, the current verification system should be used.

Read the original background FAQs on the verification period move. 



This SPG provides guidance regarding University-funded technology tools such as cell phones and portable electronic resources for faculty and staff as defined below. When the University is paying for cell phones and portable electronic resources, employees should ensure that these devices are used prudently to support the teaching, research, public service and patient care missions of the University. University resources must not be misused to subsidize employees’ personal expenses.

This policy promotes prudent fiscal practices across the University, but also allows each unit the reasonable flexibility to provide cell phones and other portable electronic resources to employees when there is a legitimate business need. Units may establish more restrictive procedures than those outlined in this SPG but should balance any efforts to economize against additional administrative burden on faculty and staff. This policy is also intended to protect the University and its employees from tax liability by ensuring compliance with the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) and its corresponding regulations.