A policy is an overall plan, principle, or guideline

Privacy and Data Security

While the use of third-party service providers can offer opportunities for cost savings and added value services, it can a

Development Endowment Policies

To facilitate understanding and distribution of Office of University Development (OUD) endowment policies, below you will find policies for splitting professorship endowments and topping-off existi

Discount Rates

Discount Rates (for NPV Calculation) are based on the Treasury Bill Rates for the Federal Government in place at the time the Pledge is received with similar maturity (based on the next period a T-

Allowance for Doubtful Collection

Allowance Rates for doubtful collection are based on the following:

Pledge Accrual

The university receives pledges of financial support from corporations, foundations and individuals.

Fund 50000 - 56500: Auxiliary Funds

The Auxiliary Funds are used for activities that are maintained with revenue from their own operations.

Fund 40000: Designated Fund

The Designated Fund consists of funds internally designated, but otherwise unrestricted. Revenue sources include:

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