Per diem

The per diem allowance is set by the U.S. government to cover employee meals and incidentals during business travel to domestic (CONUS) and foreign/OCONUS destinations. Units no longer need to contact Financial Operations to request per diem for employee domestic or foreign/OCONUS travel.

University faculty and staff on business travel will be reimbursed for out-of-pocket meal and incidental expenses (M&IE) in accordance with the published rates based on specific destination. Note: Travelers are allowed 75% of the per diem amount on the first and last days of travel.

Per diem rates are published by the General Services Administration and are specific to major cities.

Per diem specifics:

  • The per diem policy for all university employee business travel applies only to travel meals and incidental expenses (not lodging). 
  • Ground transportation (e.g., taxi, shuttle) to and from airports and railroad stations, and between business meetings while on travel status, is not included in the per diem incidentals. 
  • While not recommended, it is permissible for departments and units facing fiscal constraints to pay per diems that are less than the published domestic and foreign per diem rates. To reduce the per diem, the employee will choose to include per diem in the Concur expense report, and then will mark one or more meals "provided" to reduce the reimbursement by the amount associated with the meal(s). 
  • Receipts are not required for domestic or foreign per diem expenses.
  • The per diem policy only applies to university faculty and staff. Guests and students are not subject to the per diem policy.

Non-employee (guest/student) travel meal reimbursement and hosted events

Meal reimbursement for non-employee travel or for university business hosted events is actual and subject to the per person meal limits of $25 breakfast/$25 lunch/$55 dinner.

FAQ - Travel and Business Hosting Expense Policy