Travel and Expense System (Concur)

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The university uses the Concur Travel and Expense Management System for tracking and reconciling employee business travel,  hosting, P-Card (travel and non-travel), and reimbursable out-of-pocket business expenses.  It can also be used to make travel arrangements (book airfare, hotel accommodations, car rental, etc.), and is used in conjunction with the university's designated travel agency.

A university-wide travel and expense management system offers a number of significant benefits, including: 

  • Improved internal controls and compliance (protects the U-M)
  • Provides meaningful spend reporting leading to greater negotiating power for the U-M
  • Takes advantage of the university’s volume purchasing power to provide better pricing to units and departments on everything from airfare to accommodations
  • Reduces the amount of time necessary for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses
  • Automates cumbersome and time-consuming steps associated with making travel arrangements, as well as tracking, managing, and reconciling travel, hosting, P-Card, and reimbursable out-of-pocket expenses