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Laura’s Catering has been awarded a University Contract for catering services for use by authorized university faculty and staff.  Laura’s Catering is considered a strategic supplier as it provides excellent products, pricing, and services.

Laura’s Catering is a Michigan corporation, with orders being prepared and delivered from their Chelsea, Michigan kitchen.

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Woman Owned
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Small Business
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Supplier Supports Green Purchasing Practices
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Offers Recycled Products
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Michigan Based Supplier
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USA Company
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University contract pricing is available by logging into M-marketsite, the University's online catalog ordering system that allows faculty and staff to order from many suppliers using ShortCode(s).

M-marketsite via Wolverine Access
How to use M-marketsite
How to Follow-up M-marketsite orders

Ordering Information: 

Contact owner and Executive Chef Laura Lemieux 
(734) 475-6309 
(734) 320-6013 (Cell)

Identify yourself as a university employee using ShortCode to make a purchase. Please supply the following information with your order:

  • ShortCode to be billed
  • Department name
  • Specific delivery location with university contact & phone

Note: It is the unit's responsibility to review all supporting documents for hosted events, including a list of attendees, to ensure compliance with university hosting policy and per person meal limits.


Additional Contract Information: 

Ordering method: ShortCode

P-Cards are not accepted

Laura’s Catering is an eSettlements supplier; invoices will appear on the statement of activity as a non-PO voucher. 

Creative – Gourmet Catering with style and elegance since 1984. Call Laura’s Catering for pricing for your next event!

Sample Menu

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