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About Contract Suppliers and Products

Procurement Services Contract Administrators are available to assist you with finding suppliers and products. Contract Administrators are assigned to strategic contracts to monitor performance standards and compliance requirements. Contract Administrators also assist University faculty and staff with contract questions and issues (examples; ordering, invoicing, price matching, and product failures).

Each supplier is provided with a Contract Web Page that includes detailed information on commodities and services, how to use the contracts, and contact information that includes the supplier's sales representative and the U-M Contract Administrator. Use the search above to find the right product or service.

Diversity and Purchasing Status Indicators

The following icons indicates whether a supplier and/or product qualifies for diversity and/or purchasing status.

  • M-marketsite Supplier
    M-marketsite Supplier
  • Minority-Owned Business Enterprise
    Minority-Owned Business Enterprise
  • Women-Owned Business Enterprise
    Women-Owned Business Enterprise
  • Small Business Enterprise
    Small Business Enterprise
  • Green Purchasing Products
    Green Purchasing Products
  • Recycled Products
    Recycled Products
  • Energy-Star Products
    Energy-Star Products
  • Michigan-Based Supplier
    Michigan-Based Supplier
  • USA Company
    USA Company

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