Department Photo Rosters & Facebooks

Department Photo Rosters & Facebooks

There are three methods of obtaining Mcard photos. The first two methods have additional information on other pages, while the third method is described further below:

  1. Ann Arbor Faculty, and their support staff, can obtain student photo class rosters of their classes as allowed by the revised Mcard Photo Use Policy of 3/17/06 through Faculty Business in Wolverine Access. Click here for additional info.
  2. Departments/units that seek Mcard photos on a frequent basis may request an RDA link to the Mcard photo database. Click here for additional info.
  3. Single projects or infrequent Mcard photos request are processed by the Mcard Department. It offers a service to University faculty, staff, and units by providing individual Mcard color jpg images of employees and/or students. A brief description of the process is as follows:
    • The interested University party must first contact Treasury Admins at 734 763-1299 for complete details, timeline, and costs.
    • Department/Unit creates permission slips that are distributed and signed by Mcard holders giving Dept/Unit permission to use their Mcard photo for the specified purpose.  Authorization via U-M email accounts are also acceptable.
    • Permission slips are turned into the Mcard Department along with an spreadsheet listing each cardholder and certain other information.
    • The Mcard Department verifies the spreadsheet data compared to the permission slips, then processes the data. Color Mcard jpg images are sent as email attachments.

Individual Color Mcard Photos
Individual color Mcard photos are very small files (16 K) and low resolution jpg images. Mcard photos are not recommended for printed documents or publications. Because of the small file size, they are best for internal websites. Each image is titled as the cardholder's UMID number. Images are sent as email attachments, although they can be placed on a CD-ROM for a nominal fee. Note: All Mcard Photos contain a small white "Block M" in the lower left hand corner. Student Mcard photos will vary with backgrounds and colors as students are able to submit their own photos.

Pricing is based on Mcard photo volume and options selected. There is a project minimum of $25. Total costs can be billed to valid University Chartfields.

Individual Color Photos
1 - 100 photos = $1 per photo
Photos over 100 = $0.25 per photo

Additional Costs are as follows:
Mcard photos placed on CD-ROM = $5

For additional information, please contact Treasury Admins at 734 763-1299 or by email