Replacing an Mcard issued prior to 2011?

You will need a new smart Mcard if you have been granted access Ann Arbor campus (non-Health System) facilities after-hours. Most Ann Arbor campus academic buildings require the smart Mcard (residence halls not affected).  Smart Mcards and UM Health System Mcards will work with Ann Arbor campus exterior building readers

Do NOT Replace your Mcard if:

  • your Ann Arbor (non-Health System) Mcard does have the key symbol (circled in red below)
  • you have an Ann Arbor Health System Mcard.  It will have characters above the black mag stripe (2nd image below circled in red)

Old skeleton key image next to your picture on the front side of the Mcard.
This Mcard is ready for new campus smart card building readers


Upside down characters above the magnetic strip on the backside of your card
This Mcard is ready for new campus smart card building readers

Where to get your new smart Mcard

Drop by an Mcard office to get a new smart Mcard. No fee when you trade your old Mcard for a new smart Mcard. $20 fee if you do not turn in your current Mcard. New picture taken if your current photo is more than 5 years old.Questions?

  • Contact the building administrator for questions/issues relating to access of a particular building.
  • Contact the Mcard Center 936-2273 for questions relating to cards.