Expired Mcard - What do I do?

If you have an expired campus Mcard (not from Michigan Medicine) and are still affiliated with the University, take your expired Mcard to an ID Issuing Station for a replacement.  Expired Mcards are required to be turned in for a new valid Mcard.  A replacement fee will be charged if the expired Mcard is not turned in at the time a new Mcard is produced.

Expired UM Temporary Mcards will require a completed Mcard Request & Change Form (Ann Arbor form link).

Certain new replacement Mcards for contractors, visitors, contracted temps, vendors, etc.) will incur a $4 charge.

At the time a new student, faculty, staff Mcard (5 year expiration) is produced, a new photo of the cardholder will be taken per University policy.


Michigan Medicine Expired Mcards

To replace an expired Mcard for a new Michigan Medicine Mcard, the Key & ID office will require your expired Mcard and a Michigan Medicine ID Card Change & Request form completed by your department administration.