How do I change my name on my Mcard?

Student/faculty/staff name changes are not processed at an ID Issuing Station.  If a cardholder has a name change due marriage, divorce, legal name change, or it is simply misspelled...

Students - all name changes are first processed through Wolverine Access or the Registrar's Office.

Faculty/Staff - all name changes are first processed through the Human Resources Department.

These offices require proof of name change such as marriage certificate, legal documents, etc.

After the name change is processed through the appropriate office, the data will be transferred to the ID Card database generally in about 30 minutes.  Once the name change has appeared in the ID Card database, the cardholder can turn in their current Mcard for a new corrected Mcard.

Non-treasury/faculty/staff name changes can be processed at an ID Issuing Station with appropriate documentation (marriage certificate, divorce decree, new driver's license, or other legal documents).  A corrected Mcard may require a card fee.

Preferred Names are available to be printed on non-Michigan Medicine Mcards. Cardholders first select an appropriate preferred name through Wolverine Access.  Cardholders lacking access to Wolverine Access can seek additional information here. Dearborn and Flint students can go to their respective campus ID Issuing Stations to select an appropriate preferred name and have it printed on their Mcards.  Generally, visitors, contractors, Rec Sports sponsored users, and others who cannot have access to Wolverine Access are unable to participate in the preferred name feature at this time.

For additional information regarding preferred names and the Mcard Preferred Name Policy please click here.