What if I do not like my photo on my Mcard?

If you do not like your photo on your Mcard, you may obtain a new photo and Mcard at an ID Issuing Station for a cost of $20.  Under certain circumstances, cardholders who have had major physical facial or head changes can turn in their old card for an updated Mcard.  Cardholders who change hair style or hair color, grow facial hair or remove it, begin to wear glasses or contacts, have minor plastic surgery, etc. do not qualify as having a major physical change and a $20 replacement would apply.  Final discretion is determined by the ID Issuing Station.

Generally students, faculty, and staff, who turn in their Mcards because it is expired or damaged from normal use; who have changed departments; or who have a name changes can request to have a new photo taken for the new Mcards.