Can I have more than one Mcard at a time?

According to the University's Standard Practice Guide 601.13, each member of the University is allowed only one identification card, the Mcard, at a time.  Cardholders are not allowed to have multiple valid Mcards, except in the case of the possession of an Alumni Mcard.  Cardholders cannot reproduce any part of their Mcard for purposes of having/wearing proper identification.

Cardholders who are students and employed at the University have the option to receive an Mcard with the department/organization name on the obverse and the word "Student" above the magnetic stripe on the reverse.  Faculty/staff who have multiple appointments must choose the most pertinent department name to print on the obverse of the Mcard.  A second department name cannot be printed on the Mcard.  If a cardholder has an affiliation change (i.e., staff changes departments), the cardholder must turn in their Mcard to obtain an updated card with their new affiliation.

Expired Mcards are not valid forms of University identification.  An expired Mcard can be taken to an ID Issuing Station for a replacement if there is still an active affiliation in the ID Card database.

All Mcards are property of the University and must be returned to an ID Issuing Station or cardholder's supervisor when cardholder's affiliation with the University has ended.