Scholarships & Fellowships

Scholarships and fellowships awarded by various University of Michigan departments, offices and private donors are processed and tracked through the U of M Financial Aid Office. Questions concerning a scholarship or fellowship award should be directed to the awarding source.

Pending Aid

According to federal regulations, the University may post financial aid awards to your student account no sooner than ten days prior to the start of a term. As the invoices for fall and winter terms are generated before the University is permitted to post actual financial aid awards for the term, financial aid awards are posted as “Pending Aid”. Pending aid is posted for a short period of time for the purpose of generating the fall (August) and winter (December) term invoices.  The intent is to provide a more accurate picture of your financial obligation on these invoices.

Pending aid is the amount of aid the University expects to post to your student account based on your financial aid award notice.  If you are enrolled full-time and you have signed the required documents for your awards (e.g., signed your loan documents), the pending aid will appear on your invoice. Important exceptions that are not reflected in pending aid include Work-Study funds, Child Care Subsidy, and some departmental funds that are paid directly to you. In addition, private and PLUS loans do not appear as pending aid but will appear on your account once financial aid awards are posted to your student account for the term.

Reminder:  Being wait-listed for a course does not count as enrollment.


For general information concerning financial aid awards, please contact the appropriate Financial Aid Office listed below:

Financial Aid Office

Phone: (734) 763-6600 Email:

Inquiries: Direct Loans, Perkins Loans, Plus Loans, Grants, Emergency Loans, Michigan Competitive Scholarship, Departmental Scholarships/Fellowships

Medical School Financial Aid Office

Phone: (734) 763-4147 Email:

Law School Financial Aid Office

Phone: (734) 764-5289 Email:

Ross School of Business Financial Aid Office

Phone: (734) 764-5139 Email: