Parent/Family Authorization and Access

Students may authorize up to four other individuals to receive access to their eBill (as well as other on-line account information). Authorized Parent & Family may view/print the eBills through Wolverine Access when the following steps are completed:

  1. Student designates Email address(es): The student may designate up to four e-mail addresses to receive electronic access to his or her U-M student account information including the eBill. To designate an e-mail address, the student will need to:
      1. Go to Wolverine Access;
      2. Log on to Wolverine Access using her or his U-M uniqname and kerberos password.
      3. Select Parent/Family Authorization from the Student Center.
      4. Enter email address and select My Student Account Data under Wolverine Access Authorization.
      5. Save the email address by clicking the SAVE button located above or below the authorization box on the right side of the screen.

    Note: A confirmation email will be sent to the Parents & Family email address once the student has granted access to their student account information/eBill. The confirmation email will contain a link to allow the Parent/Family designee to establish an U-M "Friend" account.

  2. Create Secure Login(if necessary):  If the authorized Parent/Family member does not have an existing U-M uniqname, he or she will need to establish a new "friend" account with the University of Michigan. Click here for more information on how to set up a U-M "Friend" account.
  3. eBill Notification:  Each designated Parent/Family member will receive an email notification when the student's eBill is generated and available in Wolverine Access. A monthly eBill is generated when the student has an account balance or has had activity on his or her student account during the billing period.
  4. Login To View/Print eBill: Once the e-mail is received indicating that an eBill has been generated, the parent/family member will be directed to Wolverine Access to view/print the eBill using the secure login created in step 2 or their U-M uniqname. To access the student's eBill follow the steps listed below:
    1. Go to Wolverine Access
    2. Select My Student's Information under Parents & Family
    3. Login using Friend logon or U-M uniqname.
    4. Select the Student from the Select a Student drop down box. Please note: If the parent/family designee has been given access to more than one student's account data, each student authorized will be listed in the Select a Student drop down box.
    5. Select Account Inquiry under the Finances Section.
    6. Scroll to the bottom of the Charges Due page and Select the Invoice to view/print from the Invoices section. Click the invoice number for the invoice to be viewed/printed. Printing Tip: It may be necessary to adjust the Adobe Acrobat default print settings so that the bill prints correctly.
  5. Make Payment:  The eBill may be paid electronically or via US mail. For details on these two options, please see the links below:
    1. ePayments: If logged in to Wolverine Access, an ePayment may be made by selecting the green PAY NOW button located on the Account Summary or Charges Due page. An ePayment may also be made by selecting the "Make an ePayment" quick link on the right side of this web site. For further informtaion on ePayments, please see On-line ePayments section of this web site.
    2. Mail payments to the following address: Univeristy of Michigan, Student Financial Services, 2226 Student Activities Building, 515 E. Jefferson Street, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109-1316.  When remitting payment by mail, please be sure that the student's full name and UMID number are written on the front of the check. This will ensure prompt posting of the payment.