Billing Information

Monthly student account eBills/invoices are available electronically in the form of an eBill. eBills can be accessed by students and authorized Parent/Family members via Wolverine Access. Student Financial Services provides an ebill/invoice for any account that carries a balance or has had activity during the billing period. The eBills/invoices are generally prepared during the second week of each month.  Students and authorized Parent & Family members are notified by email when the eBill/invoice is available in Wolverine Access for viewing/printing. eBills/invoices generated in the last 12 months are available in Wolverine Access. As well as viewing the eBill/invoice on-line, each eBill/invoice may also be opened as an Adobe PDF file that can be viewed on-line, printed, or saved electronically for future reference.

Failure to view your eBill/invoice is not sufficient reason for not making payments when due.

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